Media Reflection

Starting this media blog, I wasn't excited. Like at all because to me it was just another assignment I had to complete weekly. Now that I've actually done it, I realized that my mind was so much more aware of the ads I watched or the things I noticed. I'm not kidding when I say that I would actually watch ads when they popped up in the middle of a movie or a show I was watching. I know right...that's kinda crazy. But, my mind was always aware of my next blog post. I alway thought about what I would write about next.

Halfway through this, I decided to disable my instagram. It was one of those times where I was just done with it and didn't want it anymore. Doing this was a lot harder than I thought. There were times where I would accidentally log into my account on my phone and instagram wouldn't allow me to disable it again until a week later. So, at times it was tempting even though I never go on instagram. And I was logged onto other people's accounts so I…

Niner Nation!!

Niners won in last night's game against against The Vikings. This is the first playoff games that the 49ers have won in 6 years! Because they won last night game, they have one game left until the Super Bowl. My family has never been too big on the Super Bowl and having a party to watch it all together. That's just not us. But my brother is the biggest football fan I know. He's kinda a ban-wagon... he has like so many different jerseys of different teams. And roots for what ever team is winning (only so he can win some money). Every time there is a football game, even if it's college football, I will always bet $5 on a team (the opposing team of his). I obviously always loose because he's a cheater, but it's one of the only things we connect with. Of course I love my brother but we don't have much in common except betting on sports I don't even watch. So, I guess I understand what people mean by saying football brings people together. I'm excited fo…

Feminism is not about putting women above men

Feminists have taken a rise and started voicing their opinions. It’s not about being better than men it’s about being equal. People tend to get that mixed up and often get angry at the thought of women being “greater.” MissRepresentation is a great document about what women go through as women in the 21st century. I’m the beginning I nearly cried. A high school girl was tearing up at the thought of her younger sister cutting herself because of the nasty behavior she is receives from peers. My mind immediately wen to my younger nieces. Two of them are in middle school and one of them is just starting school. Believe me, middle school is the worst of them all. That’s where people are fake and want to be cool by bullying. It’s dangerous and my nieces go there every single day! I couldn’t imagine them going through this  and I really hope that they aren’t going through this. This is a problem and we need to start implementing the idea that boys and girls are the same. And we need to start…

The Mook Trend

The documentary, Merchants of Cool, mentions midriffs and mooks. They interview teenagers to see their perspectives of the fashion trends. According to the documentary the mook is an angry and rude person. Very disrespectful especially towards women. He's very "misogynistic."

He's young and crazy for the negative strong feelings he has for women. With the trend that goes on, he surely doesn't feel that it is necessary for teens girls to go crazy to stay with the society's trend regardless the time. You know...kinda like brothers when they steal your food or call you names.

It's been a few years since the documentary, but in the year the documentary was produced the previous year, it was proven that teenagers spent about 100 billion dollars a year plus 50 billion more, from their parents, to stay with the trend that come and goes.

The amount spent by teenagers to follow a trend is extremely crazy. To follow a trend is to look similar to almost everyone els…

Let’s Take A Trip To The Past

Midriffs!? Believe me that was my reaction too. I didn’t live through that time but my sisters definitely did. And I may have been young and naive but I wasn’t THAT naive. I was still able to recognize that midriffs were not the move. To this day my sisters still have their very very low waisted jeans or shorts. And believe me I always make fun of them for it. Looking back at the pictures you can see the trends that were popular (dark lined lips, panda eyes, side swept bangs). But this was in the past (a long long time ago), now the trends are e-boys and VSCO girls. And I don’t roll with those trends either.

In the document, “Merchants of Cool” they went into detail about how marketers appealed to teens because they are the biggest spenders. They interview the “trend setters” and try to figure out the newest trends before they’re even a trend. By doing this they will be able to broadcast their products so they initially “start the trend” and when it’s a trend they make more of their p…

A game of Which is Which

I was on YouTube, catching up on all of the videos I’ve missed these passed weeks and I noticed the commercials are all the same. Not literally the same, but they’re all similar. Obviously about Christmas but it’s literally a game of trying to figure which brand it is. One ad in particular was about the Amazon Echo. Basically, a guy is in his way home and he tells his Amazon Echo to set the house at a certain temperature for his wife when she gets home. Because it’s Christmas time, Amazon (which is a pretty big company) is putting their products out there. I mean most people already use Amazon to order their Christmas presents so while you’re at it order an Amazon Echo as a gift. Not only is the ad showing off how much their technology can do, but it’s implicitly saying that you’re loved one will love you more if you’re able to set the house at a certain temperature when they arrive home. The ad had dark lighting but when ever the technology was present the light from it shine brighte…

Siri is Listening

So, I’ve been obsessed with cats lately. I’m always talking about wanting one or asking my sister to get me one. And by now I’m pretty sure my family has gotten the hint that I desperately want a cat. What’s weird though, is that I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of cat food ads or swifter or vacuum ads.  As if I actually have a cat to clean after or even feed. The point is that whenever something is searched or frequently mentioned something pertaining to the subject shows up. Even if it’s only been mentioned once it always seem to appear more than it’s been mentioned. In a way, it’s kinda scary. It’s literally like  they’re listening or reading our thoughts because sometimes I’d be thinking of something random and it pops up.

This isn’t the exact ad but it’s this brand that I always see